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Of Kindness and Adversity May 6, 2013

Posted by blith3 in Ramblings.
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Today has been unlike any other – some have drawn comparisons of their sombre mood with a bad break-up, others felt like they were mourning the loss of someone close to them. And for those I know who were satisfied with the results, they were empathetically muted in their jubilation.

And while public views on the outcome of the 13th Malaysian General Election will always be divided and strongly so, however, almost everyone (save perhaps those under the legal voting age) in some way or form, understands its wide-ranging implications. By design or pure coincidence, Year 2013 has now become the cornerstone of the future Malaysia. And bearing that in mind, I do not envy the elected leaders from both sides of the divide in undertaking the very real, immediate and monumental task of steering the impending realization of the future Malaysia. No more waiting, no more preparation…it is here and it is now.

Having said that, what Malaysians should take away from this, in my humble opinion, is that no one truly won and yet, no one truly lost today. Today, like every other aspect of a person’s life, is but just a stop on an otherwise long and bumpy journey of self-discovery and personal growth. And as how you would when faced with a gigantic challenge, I say spare a prayer and kind thought for yourself, for each other and for the nation. Let the wisdom of careful speech and rational thought prevail, let clarity of mind lead you.

I ❤ Malaysia…and I hope you do too.