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31 Years September 28, 2013

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Happy Birthday, Old Gal – it’s gonna be an exciting year ahead!



Garden of Life September 22, 2013

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Gardening is one of the hobbies I picked up during my gap year from blogging. This might surprise some who know me as I had never shown any prior inclination towards plants. My only possible link to having an affinity to plants was that my father had graduated with a diploma in agriculture and was thus, a premiere on all things flora.

Ironically, my interest blossomed gradually through my mother. Ever since she retired 3 years ago, Mom has gradually expanded her interests and activities, both of which had been significantly confined over the years from the dreariness of child-rearing and working. What started out as a lending an extra hand to water and prune dying leaves led to genuine interest over the diversity of flora.

My first babies were 12 cacti and succulents that I purchased in Cameron Highlands, though I had to really be persuaded. The two previous times I had bought them, the cacti – despite it’s reputation for hardiness – DIED. Because of that, I was sure I had the very opposite of a green finger. But my aunt, an avid gardener herself, refused to believe that and persuaded me to give it another try. For nearly an hour, whilst Mom and my other relatives waited, my aunt taught me how to pick the best of each type of plant, dispensed me advice on how to care for it and impressed that it was perfectly OK for there to be some casualties along the way (at the end, there were four).

My interest grew from there and one and a half years later, I find myself with a mini garden of my own, comprising even more cacti (to summarise: there was a storm, a massacre of broken cacti parts which were duly repotted and surprisingly flourished after that) and succulents, an extremely hardy adopted flower plant which seems to be regenerative and two types of herbs.

While my collection isn’t particularly impressive, it has though, reacquainted me with two very important truths in life – the value of patience and how doing things bit by bit goes a long way.

When I first bought the 12 cacti and succulents, I used to check on them after work everyday. I was expecting to observe significant changes. Of course, that did not happen and for a long while, I had to resist the urge to water them everyday (at the risk of killing them due to overwatering), just to speed things up a little. But then after what I presume to be a period of acclimatization, my babies started to do things – bumps started appearing (the beginnings of a new limb of a cactus), the edge of the succulents were beginning to touch the rim of the mini pot it was in, some cacti started decaying (very rapidly, may I add – there’s no stopping it when it happens). It then became clear to me that if I hadn’t been patient to let them do their thing, the cacti and succulents would not have prospered and I would not have enjoyed seeing the fruits of my labour.

Also, as any garden enthusiast knows, healthy plants are tricky little things in that, for seemingly stagnant entities, they can go through a fair bit of change in one day – buds appear, flowers bloom, green leaves suddenly yellow, soil go moldy, parts of a plant start to decay, etc. It is preferable then to do just a little bit everyday or every alternate day, to monitor the situation, keep things in check as well as if need be, devise and prepare for an intervention at a later date. Otherwise, when you finally walk into your garden, you’ll find yourself having to put in a whole lot more effort to do damage control and guide the plants back on track. And most likely, you’ll have to come back to it again because there’s just that little something you didn’t presently have at your disposal. Pretty analogous of life in general.

When I started, I had never expected that picking gardening would remind and help me to practice being a more patient, observant and productive person. It’s also made me a bit more interesting too as I now have more knowledge and material to engage other people with, particularly my aunt whom I used to be quite impartial to. But I am pleased that it has – after all, to learn new lessons is to progress and grow in life.

First Steps September 18, 2013

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They say the first step is always the hardest – that is so true! But you know what they don’t tell you? That it’s not only SUCH a relief when it is finally executed, it’s also amazingly reenergising. After being stuck agonizing on something for so long, to finally dispense away with that blockage, makes you feel so free that you feel like you can do just about anything.

I know it’s somewhat unfair to be blogging so cryptically without any details. I wish I could be more specific, but in all honesty, it’s still too early that I’d feel like I was jinxing myself.

All I’d like to say right now, is that I am finally on course, after several years of false starts – and better still, it’s looking promising so far. Admittedly, there is still a long way to go over the next couple of months, but right now, I am just taking some time out to revel and build the stamina to maintain the momentum to move forward. More coming soon…promise!

Back in the Game September 9, 2013

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As you would be able to tell, my blog entries have been sporadic over the past 15 months. I’m not entirely sure why, but I am inclined to think that it was just me taking time out. Taking the time to focus on living in the real world – in the here and now.

During the period, I have really got to relax into my life and got to see my life more clearly. And you know what? There is just SO MUCH left to achieve. While I know what needs to be done, however I do still need to figure out how to get there! And hopefully, I’ll get to share it here as it happens.

In the meantime, I hope to be back blogging more regularly. Mostly because I have immensely missed putting my thoughts on ‘paper’, but also because there’s so much to say. Stay tuned!