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Cutting It Thin November 26, 2013

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Jumping through hoop after hoop, that is where I am right now. My personal deadlines are quickly approaching and at this point, I don’t have time to think much, I am just responding instinctively and to the best of my ability.

Naturally, I really wish I had more time to prepare. But then again, serves me right for dragging my feet for so long – surely, this is self-sabotage at it’s best.

Nevertheless, I thank the Universe for aligning things so I have just *that* much wiggle room to get through. Onward ho!


Up All Night to Get Loki November 22, 2013

Posted by blith3 in Ramblings.
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I’d like to think I am the kind of woman who bucks the trend of the masses…for most part. Other times, I would say I am at the forefront of the crazy – my swimming spectator adventures being one of them.

Of course, there is a first time for everything and now I find myself in the thick of the madness – catching up to my fellow fangirls around the world in singing the awesomeness of (in no particular order) an intelligent, charming, eloquent, humourous, polite British man who is simply O-W-N-I-N-G all of the biggest tools in social media – from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Youtube. No doubt, I am just one of millions – a drop in the proverbial ocean of Hiddlestoners.

Yes, you read that right. I have fallen under the charm of…the one…the only…Tom Hiddleston.

I do admit a lot of his appeal is bolstered by the fact that he played Loki, God of Mischief, so EXCELLENTLY in the Disney-Marvel movies. As many fans and movie critics have observed, with such a rich backstory in the comics, in Loki was there finally a villain to be loved…and in my humble opinion, in Tom Hiddleston, was this so perfectly fleshed out. And thus, this leads me to why I am a Hiddlestoner…let me count the ways:


1) He ENJOYS indulging others. In fact, I am pretty sure he derives more of a kick of than those at the receiving end of his attention.

2) He dances…unreservedly! That last bit is important, because that again, goes back to the first point.

3) His voice is so deep and rich – I could literally drown and lose myself his narration. By the way, there are a number to choose from on Youtube.

4 & 5) He’s got a silly sense of humour to complement that fantastic talent of his of doing impressions.


6) He’s every bit the kid as the rest of us!

7) More than anything, he’s just genuinely heartfelt…

…be it personally…

…or professionally.

If those aren’t enough reasons, well, just google him on the Internet. There’s material after material on him. I assure you, it won’t take long for you to form an appreciation for this charming, well-meaning guy…and empathise with many a fangirl, whose struggles are most aptly and hilariously depicted on this very witty Tumbler site, called gofuckyourselftomhiddleston (excuse the language, but in all honesty, it’s not what you think).

Go on…you know you want to! And yes, you’re welcome, fangirls and fanboys to-be. 🙂

UPDATED on 18 January 2014:

8 & 9) He’s engaging even through the written word…and remarkably humble. Slightly over one year ago, he blogged for UNICEF  UK during a trip to Guinea and mind you, it was  of decent length and presumably put into words at the end of each lengthy day (yes, I did notice the publication dates of the posts were spaced apart). His entries gave me such a vivid picture of his experience and I encourage you to read it here.

Birthday Wishes – 1 Nov 2013 November 1, 2013

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Happy 11th Birthday, my dearest Caching! Too much has happened leading up to this milestone, a whole lot more than any adult, much less a little girl, should have to bear.

It’s bittersweet, to see your parents struggling – sometimes missing the mark completely – to live up to your needs and provide you comfort, but at the same time, you have shown to be remarkably resilient.

I hope you know how immensely loved you are. You have so much more to teach us, so stay faithful and keep up the good fight, for we are and will always be by your side.