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Clam [BACKDATED] April 7, 2014

Posted by blith3 in Ramblings.
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I think it’s about time to be share this…because, assuming things work out for the positive, it’ll probably be what I’ll be blogging about for some time.

After nearly 10 years of working (I swear, it’s passed by in a blink of an eye!), I am going back to SCHOOL. And not just in any school, I’ve been accepted into B…in San Francisco! OK, so I am still being a little cryptic (only a little, because I’ve given some good clues), but that’s because there’s a whole bunch of things to go through – a scholarship interview, a visa application and an enrolment process – and honestly, who knows what can happen? Someone might just read this blog and decide, for whatever reason, not give me a scholarship or rescind the offer for admission.

But still…it’s B! It blows my mind when I think about it because…although I did go through the paces of sitting for GRE and TOEFL as well as putting in an application (which included essay writing), I never truly expected to be accepted for admission. I was merely following my father’s advice of “collecting then selecting” i.e. sending in multiple applications, collecting answers and then whittling it down to what I want. Though, I should be clear, out of the three universities I sent my application to…only B came back with a positive answer, but no matter – it was the one I wanted the most!

Come what may, right now, I am happy as a clam!