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Wish Me Luck: Reprise [BACKDATED] June 13, 2014

Posted by blith3 in Ramblings.

Today’s interview went well…I guess. I thought I was clear in delivering my points and had a frank discussion with the panellists. But I do admit, I probably could have been more persuasive when fielding some of the questions. At the end, the head of the panel said that it would be “a question of whether the Bank sees value in your course.” Knowing the personality of this guy from other colleagues, I took it to be as a good an answer as any.

Aside from this though, I found out today that another officer in my Department is leaving. Counting me, that brings the total number of officers exiting my Department this year, with the bulk of exodus between August to September, to four. Add one Manager who will be delivering in September and another Manager who is leaving at an as-yet-to-be-determined date, and you have a Department suddenly losing 1/5th of its staff strength…when only four months ago, it was just the prospect of being down by only two Managers.

The good news though is that already the Department has been doing all the right things in getting my replacement. I just hope that these other developments don’t compromise the plans for my replacement.



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