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Sunsets in Taiwan December 28, 2010

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I’ve always found sceneries challenging to shoot because there’s very little to work with (it’s either the landscape is breathtaking and there’s nothing left but to frame it correctly, or it’s so ordinary no amount of framing can improve it) as compared to people. Or so I thought. Since getting my DSLR, I have begun appreciate that invisible, intangible element that makes or breaks a photograph – light.

One of the places I visited during my recent trip to Taiwan with my favourite girls from university was the coastal area of Damshui, which is renowned for its spectacular sunsets. I took the opportunity to play around with the crazy lighting with the following results…

Mother Nature begins testing out her colour palette.

I love the beautiful gold-white gold mix of colours. Can you spot the airplane taking off to the left of the photo?

My failed attempt at getting a silhouette shot – but I do like how I can partially see their faces.

After awhile, the battery of my DSLR went flat (the horror!) but luckily for us, my friend was kind enough to loan her point-and-shoot digital camera, for the following shots were simply too heavenly to have missed out on. I still cannot believe we had the stroke of luck to have been in a position where the sun was setting right smack in the middle of us!

Love the contrast effect of the sunlight illuminating the calm sea and yet leaving shadows across the wooden docks.

Making the zoom of the digital camera really work for it!

And saving the best for the last, the most romantic shot of all – the bright sun dipping right in the middle of the frame contrasted by a passing yacht!

One thing I’ve learnt from this is that your eyes will almost certainly deceive you when shooting sunsets. While the sky at Damshui was bright still, what is captured on camera, you will agree, was completely different. The details – like colour and intensity of the light – pop up so much more clearly!

So my best advice to those shooting sunsets for the first time, be trigger-happy throughout the entire duration…cause you’ll never know what you’ll get!


Malacca in (Almost) Technicolour November 2, 2010

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A friend of mine mentioned it in his blog before, how owning a camera has allowed him to take notice of all the beauty that surrounds him, no matter how small it is. And I have to agree with him.

Although I’m familiar with Malacca (thanks to annual family trips to see relatives and not to forget that critical first year out of the nest and into university life) and I’m aware of its rich character, there’s nothing quite as impressive as recording it all via beautiful coloured photos.

Pretty rickshaws are not only for the ladies. ūüėČ

I’ve mentioned it before in another entry and I’ll say it again – nothing quite as refreshing as water splashing in a fountain on a hot day.

Red pebbles like these are the trademark of Malacca.

The intricate cravings on the smooth stone tablet sharply contrast against the rough weather-beaten walls.

I’d like to think this was telling a story of how the Portuguese’s fantastic voyage across the seas to Malacca.

There was so much going on here – the light streaming through the black netting, the soft contours of a traditional Nyonya house and the pop of colour from the walls and the leaves – and still, the photo communicates a strange feeling of calm.

Hope you enjoyed my two-set!

Malacca in Monochrome October 31, 2010

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So much to do, so little time – that is what seems to best describe how I’ve been this past month. Not that I’m complaining (which is a first for me)! I suppose it has to do with the fact that I’m busy on both fronts – professional and personal – and though hectic, it keeps me the Libran, sign of the scales, balanced and at ease through it all. Simply because I don’t feel like one part of my life is swallowing the other. The only downside though, to all these things happening, is that I don’t have as much time as I like to blog about it all! ūüė¶

One of the many things I was up to in the past month was that I bought myself a new lens of the superzoom variety. It’s actually more expensive than my DSLR itself, which officially makes this my biggest splurge yet. Any cognitive dissidence (hello, Critical Thinking 101) I had over my purchase evaporated when I tested it out during my workplace’s recent annual Treasure Hunt (which is a story in its own, but that will be for later).

Thanks to the superb light we had and the beautiful aesthetics of the historical city of Malacca, it wasn’t hard to get such pretty photos. I was particularly smitten by the monochrome shots the superzoom lens produced:

A wooden mansion behind Stadthuys – shot just the way it probably was used to in its younger days.

One of several stone tablets littered around Stadthuys. Love the heart and the angel wings!

A guitar of a roadside entertainer, resting under the sun. One of my three most favourite shots I’ve ever, ever taken.

This would be the number two – the guitar’s comrade in musical arms, the music and lyric sheets. Loooove how the light hits just right at the edge of the page as it moves with the breeze.

And this makes it three – the cosy haven of a roadside musician.



If not for the plastic chair by the side, this might have just passed for a blast from the past.

More tomorrow, and this time, the technicolour set. ūüėČ

Malaysia Day – Batu Caves September 24, 2010

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Our last stop of the day was at Batu Caves.

There is an abundance of pigeons at Batu Caves and this fella was nice enough to pose for me.

Pretty statutes of Lord Ganesha adorn the roof of the temple at the foot of Batu Caves.

On your way in (or up), you can’t miss Lord Muruga – one of the tallest statues in the world.

Caught this pretty little girl feeding the birdies.

When you are at the gate at the foot of the stairs leading up to the cave, look up to and admire the pretty motif above.

Nothing’s as dreamy as bubbles floating around during a leisurely day.

Walk all the way inside Batu Caves and you’ll find this one last flight of stairs where sunlight streams in. This might be a little overexposed, but it’s one of my top picks!

In hindsight, it was an absolute perfect day to have had my maiden shooting expedition – the weather was perfect, the traffic (both vehicular and human) was non-existent and the company was excellent. Hope to do it soon – and with my very first additional lens too (hmm…zoom or portrait?).

Malaysia Day – National Memorial September 23, 2010

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Now then, back to our previously scheduled programme…

After warming up at Merdeka Square, we proceeded to our next destination Рthe National Memorial.

The roof of the gazebo at the National Memorial.

Light filtering through the holes of the wall make for some really pretty effects!

Water bubbling in a nearby water feature never looked so refreshing under a cloudless mid-morning Malaysian sky.

Water droplets from a fountain as seen through a borrowed telephoto lens! Looks like someone throw a bunch of diamonds into the air, doesn’t it?

The last batch – with the most photos – coming tomorow!

Malaysia Day – Merdeka Square & Areas Nearby September 21, 2010

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Besides 16 September 2010 being the first time Malaysia Day the first was as declared a public holiday, it was also my maiden shooting expedition…photo shooting that is. This is the first of three entries that will share my pick of what were the best shots of the day.

Bank Negara Malaysia, taken at 8++am, whilst waiting for the last of my shooting crew to arrive.

The old courthouses, Agrobank and Dayabumi opposite of Merdeka Square.

Silhouette shot of the fountain at Merdeka Square.

Bank Negara Malaysia with Merdeka Square in the foreground.

The nicest of them all – the Clock Tower of the old courthouse.

More soon!

The Many Faces of a Dog July 22, 2010

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I’ve always¬†loved taking photos and¬†though it took me awhile to finally¬†purchase¬†a DSLR camera, I can honestly say I¬†could not¬†have¬†invested in anything better! It was tricky at first, taking¬†photos on Manual but¬†the end result¬†is remarkable.¬†And while there’s¬†still¬†so much more for¬†me to improve in terms of skill and equipment, nevertheless, its shots like these that give me some room to semi-brag.

These¬†were taken last Sunday after my brother and I took our Golden Retriever out for a visit to a park at Bandar Utama during a¬†dog obedience training session. We were travelling home,¬†the morning sun was¬†at its peak¬†and she was pooped. Never before was she¬†a better-behaved model…

Wat’chu looking at?

Smile and the whole world smiles with you!