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Fallen Angels

This page is dedicated to the beautiful children whose stories have etched itself deep into my mind. They represent only a fraction of every parent’s nightmare…unsolved cases of daughters whom have gone missing, some of which remain so while others were found to be the fatal victims of heinous crimes. Please spare a thought, a prayer, for these children and their families. And please, stop the violence against children.

JonBenet Ramsey


JonBenet Ramsey was a six-year old renowned for participating in various child beauty contests. On 26 December 1996, she was reported missing by her mother, Patsy, whom found a ransom note at the back staircase of the house. Although arrangements were made to pay off the ransom, the kidnapper failed to contact the Ramseys. Eight hours after her mother stumbled across the ransom note, JonBenet was found dead by her father, John, and a couple of family friends, in the basement of her home beneath some blankets. Autopsy reports conclude that the cause of death was asphyxia due to strangulation associated with craniocerebal trauma. JonBenet had sustained blunt force trauma to her skull and was strangled by a garrot fashioned out of a nylon cord and the handle of a paintbrush. She had also been sexually assaulted.

It has been eleven years since JonBenet’s murder with several suspects to her homicide – among them were Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother, Burke, and most notably, John Mark Karr, whom had to be extradicted from Thailand in 2006 – but with no successful convictions to-date. Patsy Ramsey died on 24 June 2006 from ovarian cancer. At the time of her death, a new lead had caused investigations by US enforcement to focus on John Mark Karr, a man previosly convicted of possessing child pornography. Before she died, Patsy had strongly believed that he would be proven as her daughter’s killer. Sadly, despite an all-too-willing confession, his DNA did not match the foreign blood sample found on JonBenet.

Reportedly, the DNA obtained from the mystery blood sample (supposedly identified to belong to that of a Caucasian male) is run on a weekly basis through the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), a database containing 1.6 million DNA profiles mostly of convicted felons. There has yet to be any match, partial or otherwise.

Madeline McCann


On 3 May 2007, Madeline McCann dissapeared from the Portugese resort in which her family was vacationing. She had been sleeping in a bedroom on the ground floor with her younger two-year old twin siblings while Gerry and Kate McCann dined with friends at a nearby restaurant, 120 meters away. Although the adults took turns to check on the sleeping children, at around 10 p.m. Kate found four-year-old Madeline’s bed empty and the windows of the ground level bedroom opened.

Gerry and Kate have mounted a very public campaign to find their eldest daughter, stirring the involvement of celebrities such as famed author J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter books. This has helped to generate various leads and consequently, various suspects have been identified. There have also been numerous alleged sightings of Madeline in various countries – including Portugal, Malta, Belgium and Spain. However, none have been conclusive. Investigations by the Portugese are on-going, and it is said that it is now focused on the McCanns themselves.

Shearway Ooi Ying Ying


On 6 July 2007, major newspapers in Malaysia reported that a mother had lost her three-year-old daughter when she went to buy a parking ticket. Jess Teh was a single mother, whom had separated with her daughter’s father and had only just recently brought her daughter, Shearway Ooi Ying Ying, to stay with her. Previously, Shearway had been cared for by Jess’ parents. It had been reported that on the day of her disappearance, her maternal grandmother had dreamt of her granddaughter in her pyjamas, crying.

When Jess and her live-in boyfriend, Ong Chee Leong, went to the police station to give their statements, they were detained by the police under the suspicion of Shearway’s disappearance. The Malaysian public would later learn that a handcuffed Ong had led police to a cemetary, where charred bone fragments were recovered. DNA analysis positively identified the bone fragments as those of Shearway’s. Both Jess and Ong were awaiting trial – Jess for making a false police report and Ong for Shearway’s murder – when another cruel blow was dealt – Ong was found dead, hanged in his cell in an apparent suicide on 18 February 2008.

Although it is unclear whether Jess’ trial will go on, Shearway’s remains – consisting of three bone fragments – supposedly to be used as evidence in the trial, was released by the police authorities to her father, Ooi Eng Chew to conduct the final rites for his daughter. Instead of a burial, on 15 April 2008, the Ooi family casted Shearway’s bones into a small lotus-shaped vessel. Although the family was grief-striken, no one shed a tear as according to the Taoist deity of the Underworld, sending her remains into the sea was to allow her young soul to be free, which was a joyous occasion.

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin


On 20 August 2007, eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin went to purchase hairclips from the nearby night market. Upon realising that she had gone out without her older sister, which had been a house rule, her parents immediately went in search of her. When they failed to locate her, witnesses told them a child matching Nurin Jazlin’s description had been dragged into a white van. This was later confirmed by the enhanced footage obtained from a nearby Closed-Circuit Television camera.

Despite close coverage by newspapers in Malaysia, nearly a month went by without any leads on Nurin Jazlin. Her distraught father, Jazimin, had even pleaded publicly with the kidnappers to release his daughter as she was suffering from an kidney ailment. Because of her condition, Nurin Jazlin was required to eat medication daily. On 17 September 2007, a young girl was found stuffed inside a brand new sports bag that had been left outside a shoplot in the early morning.

Initially, Nurin Jazlin’s family were unable to identify the child as their beloved daughter and sister due to changes in her physical features. However, DNA tests later confirmed otherwise. The cause of death had been infection of the rectum due to rupture – she had been sexually assaulted with a cucumber and a brinjal, which had been found inside of her.

Nurin Jazlin was laid to rest on 21 September 2007 at a Muslim cemetary. A photograph of Jazimin clutching his daughter, swaddled in a white sheet, dominated newspapers all over the country.

Police authorities had remanded 6 people to assist in investigations and had to release all of them except one Indonesian woman. She had allegedly swallowed a SIM card before she was detained, to which police believed was a critical clue though it did not amount to anything, and was released by the police. Months later, there have been no leads, although the police has released a photo fit of two suspects, both a male and female. Investigations are on-going.

Riley Ann Sawyers


On 29 October 2007, a fisherman in West Galveston Bay, Texas found a locked box containing the decomposing body of a small child. An autopsy later revealed that the child, dubbed by police as “Baby Grace”, had sustained three fractures to the skull. Although Texas police are currently investigating all leads, evidence and testimonies recorded from the family of 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers strongly point towards her as “Baby Grace”.

Police received the lead on Riley when her paternal grandmother from Ohio, Sheryl Sawyers, contacted Texas police after seeing sketches released by authorities of “Baby Grace” on the Internet. For the past two years, Riley and her mother, Kimberly Dawn Trenor, had lived with her father, Robert Sawyers and his family, before Kimberly took Riley and suddenly moved to Texas. It has been reported that Kimberly had moved to Texas in order to marry Royce Clyde Zeigler, whom she had met online while playing the online game, the World of Warcraft. He had apparently convinced her to move to Texas with Riley.

Months after moving, Kimberly told family members that Riley had been taken away by a social worker from Ohio due to suspected sexual abuse, although no record in Ohio has been found of removing any child from Texas. Suspicions further mounted when Kimberly did not file a missing person’s report after the suspect removal of Riley from her care nor did she look into the validity of the social worker in question.

After further investigations by police, Kimberly, accompanied by her lawyer, confessed to Riley’s accidental death. According to newspaper reports, Riley’s death had been unintentional arising from Royce’s overtly enthusiastic disciplining. In Kimberly’s affidavit, she claims that Royce had been upset when the discipline plan laid out by him for Riley, which included whipping her with a leather belt, failed to illicit expected results. Kimberly later admitted to failing to administer the discipline plan.

On the day of Riley’s death, Kimberly’s affidavit alleges that Royce had taken to personally disciplining Riley while she was at work. The “discipline” meted out by Royce included whipping with a leather belt, holding Riley’s head underwater in a bathtub, throwing her across the room which she slammed her head against a tile floor as well as holding a cushion pillow over her face.

Investigations continue and with it, so does the drama. It has since been reported that Royce had attempted suicide a week before Kimberly went to the police, leaving a suicide note to deny his wife’s involvement in Riley’s death. News sources have separately reported that Kimberly is now pregnant with Royce’s child and that Robert Sawyers, Riley’s father, did not believe Kimberly had anything to do with Riley’s death as she had been very loving to Riley.

posted on: 9 October 2007
latest update on : 16 April 2008



1. anne - February 14, 2008

I still hope that little Madeline is still alive iv only heard of Babt Grace tonight she is so sweet and who can forget beautiful little Jonbennet the pageant queen but what about other lost babies like little Jamie Bulger or Sarh payne or Holly and Jessica and all those little ones of Dumnblane i hope all these innicont little ones are all at peace and playing in heaven God must have a beautiful playpark up their wher the children are and i can imagin their all happy and running around yelling and laughing and their forbidden to cry or be sad and are safe from thise crule world but i hope Madeline is alive and will be found safe soon

2. peggy genoway - September 5, 2011

Earth is a dangerous and violent planet, where children must be watched at all times, lest they be savagely raped and murdered. Children are sold into the sex slave industry all the time. Children are aborted every day. The world has fallen. And no one cares.

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